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Relax and surrender to summer offered by Pieria

At the Beaches of Leptokarya-Plaka Litochoro and the Castle

Sandy beaches with fine pebbles and lush vegetation, awarded the Blue Flag of Europe, at the foot of Mount Olympus. Organized and safe, they are offered for family vacations but also for every type of visitor. Busy mainly in the summer months.

At the Castle of Platamonas

Platamonas Castle is a castle of the Frankish occupation, built on the site of a fortified city of the "Middle Byzantine period" southeast of Olympus, a short distance from the current town of Platamonas Pieria in a strategic position that controls the road Macedonia & Thessaly.

It is the best preserved castle of north-central Greece with its imposing central tower, which dominates the National Road. In the Castle of Platamonas are organized every year events & concerts within the framework of the Olympus festival!

On Mount Olympus for exploration and mountaineering

You will come here with a unique mission: to sit on the "throne of Zeus", having all of Greece at your feet. In Macedonia, the most majestic mountain, Olympus, invites you to discover its magic. On the paths and its hidden corners, on the tall trees and the wild rocks, until you reach above the clouds. Car, hiking or mountain sports? All the options will reward you with incredible images on Olympus. Always in front of you, however, the challenge is imposing. Will you manage to conquer the top of the gods?

In the villages of Olympus

In the forests of Olympus, which are the first National Park of Greece and a UNESCO biosphere reserve, you will find villages of unique beauty with inhabitants determined to keep alive their traditions and customs.

You should not forget to visit: Litochoro, Paleos Poros, Paleo Panteleimon, Old Skotina and Dion.

In the nightclubs

The nightlife in Pieria is famous. There are hundreds of stylish entertainment venues throughout the county, where the visitor can enjoy all kinds of entertainment.
Taverns with live music and bar - restaurants are offered, to combine your food with pleasant melodies.
In quiet cafes you can enjoy your drink in a calm and warm environment, while in cafes - bars the rhythms are more intense under the various sounds of Greek and international music.

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